Custom Ductwork Fabrication & Industrial Ventilation Products

Lashley South Texas has several employees with well over 18 years of experience furnishing custom fabricated ventilation products for the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning industry, including the following:

  • Heavy gauge round and rectangular ventilation duct and fittings (materials can be galvanized, black iron, aluminum, and high temperature resistant aluminized steel)
  • Stainless steel round and rectangular duct for fume and other specialty applications

    • Fiberglass reinforced plastic duct and fittings for both fume and underground applications
    • Clamp together dust collector ductwork
    • Companion angle flange connectors
    • Fiberglass reinforced fans
    • Industrial blowers
    • Fume hoods
    • Kitchen ventilation hoods and fans
    • Grease exhaust ductwork
    • Boiler exhaust stacks
    • Generator engine exhaust ductwork
    • Heavy duty backdraft dampers and industrial control dampers
    • Louvers
    • Wall prop fans
    • Utility Set fans and Blowers
    • Inline tube axial or vane axial fans
    • Variable pitch axial fans
    • Sound enclosures
Please call us for help on your specialty ventilation projects.