Manufacturers Representatives & Distributors

Manufacturers Product Description
Air Concepts Specialty Diffusers
*American Metal Products Amerivent, High Temperature Double Wall Vent Pipe (Type “B”).
Arrow United Industries Architectural lovers, counter Balanced Dampers, Commercial & Industrial High Temperature Control Dampers.
*ATCO Rubber Products High & Low Pressure Insulated Flex Duct, Aluminum Flex Duct Insulated & Uninsulated.
*Broan Manufacturing CO. Ceiling Exhaust Fans, Residential Kitchen Exhaust Fans.
Captive-Aire-Systems Kitchen Ventilation Equipment, Hoods, Fire-Supression Systems.
*Design Polymetrics Duro Dyne Duct Sealer, Liner. Insulation Fastening Material Damper Hardware, Air Regulation Control Equipment, Flex Duct Connector, Dyna-tite Spiral Hangers.
Durkee Fabrc Duct
Eco-Foote Roof Duct Supports
EMI Ductless Split Systems
The Engwald Corp. Carbon Monoxide Exhaust Systems
Fantech Fans
Fields Controls Boiler Backdraft Dampers
Flexaust, INC. Specialty Hoses
Gripple Duct Hanging Systems
Hero Fabric Duct Fabric Duct
JL Industries Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets, Security Access Doors.
Kees, INC Security Grilles & Registers, Kitchen Hoods, Louvers, Access Doors, Industrial Hoods, Stainless Steel Diffusers.
*Lewis and Lambert Spiral Duct & Fittings, Angle Rings, Built Up Casings.
Mars Air Doors Air Curtain Fans
MODINE Gas Fired Unit Heaters.
Nailor Grilles & Registers, Ceiling & Linear Diffusers Security Grilles, VAV & Fan Powered Terminals
NORDFAB Quick-Fit Ducting
THE PATE CO. Roof Curbs, Expansion Joints, Pipe Curb Assembly, Equipment Support, Combination Equipment Base, Pipe Roller Supports.
Pennbarry Exhaust Fans, Make-up Air Units, and Axial Fans.
Pottorff CO. Louvers (including Miami-Dade/TDI listed), Life Safety Dampers, Control Dampers, Penthouses, Sound Attenuators, Haier Ductless Mini-split air conditioners, and Jeremias UL Rated Flue Products and Grease Duct Systems.
Qmark, INC. Heaters
Raymon Donco Specialty Diffusers
Ruskin Rooftop Systems Concentric Diffusers
Sisneros Brothers MFG., LLC Specialty Dampers, Clamp Duct
*US Aire Residential Grilles and Registers.
Uni-Strut Unistruts
Van Packer CO. Kitchen Hood Exhaust Duct, Laboratory Fume Hood Exhaust Duct, Free Standing Engineered Stacks, Positive Pressure Boiler Vents.
Warren Technologies Electric Duct Heaters.
*Young Regulator Regulators, Remote Control Systems, Motorized Dampers Systems.
*Stock Items
*Stock items